We call it Lava Rubber because our manufacturing process is similar to molten lava. While Mother Earth is regenerating lava into new land, we're doing the same with salvaged scraps headed for the trash.  Instead of ending up in a stinky landfill, we upcycle these resilient materials into useful products.  Our recycling project began in 2009 and we actively collect donations from: surfers, scuba divers, Dive Heart Org. , surf schools, marine institutes, day camps, outdoor retailers and neoprene wetsuit manufactures.  The Lava Rubber family has been working hard to introduce you to new products made with our upcycled mix.  At the same time, we are developing solutions for "hard to manage" waste streams.  We upcycle: wetsuits, neoprene sheets, gaskets, weather stripping, juice pouches, energy bar wrappers, yoga pants and other usable scraps.  Our factory also recycles over two tons of our own scrap every month.  We will accept any of our products back to recycle.  Our packaging has artwork printed on the opposite side.  This concept promotes zero waste, and our customers receive a bonus piece of upcycled art.  All Lava Rubber goods are made in NJ and HI USA.  Please enjoy consciously. 

Please send clean donations to : 

Lava Rubber 


151 Industrial Way E #A1

Eatontown, NJ 07724